Missions Study Group

February 4, 2021 6:00pm

We will be taking a look at a gospel-centered introduction to the Great Commission. This 6-week study is intended to draw our hearts closer to the God of grace, and will be founded on the belief that from first to last, missions is a God-centered, God-enabled, and God-glorifying endeavor. In missions, all that we do and are should be saturated by grace. Some recurring themes you’ll hear throughout the series include the following:

  • Missions is about glorifying God alone.
  • God’s sovereign purposes for this world have not, can not, and will not be thwarted.
  • Only God’s grace enables you to love and serve with Christ-likeness.
  • Missions forces a continual and critical self-examination of our fears, insecurities, idolatries, and prejudices. 
  • The key to personal change is repentance and faith, not self-effort. 
  • The Church is central in God’s plan for establishing his kingdom. 

We are looking forward to stretching our understanding of the Great Commission! To register, contact Scott Sage or Matthew Capone.

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