Image Bearers Study Group

April 15, 2021 6:00pm

Address: Cheyenne Mountain Presbyterian Church, 4450 Westmeadow Dr., Colorado Springs, CO US 80906

Study: Who am I? What does it mean to be human created in the image of God? To watch the video promo with Scott and Pastor Matthew, click here.

In this study we will stimulate each other to think Biblically about ourselves and how to share who we are within a culture increasingly confused about this issue. 

This 6 - 8 week study will include an exploration of the doctrine of the image of God and man and it’s very personal application to our search for love and dignity and how it extends to dignity in our home, school, church, and workplace.

Weekly Topics

  1. Our search for significance and the Reformed perspective of the Christian doctrine of humanity 
  2. Our search for love
  3. Our search for dignity 
  4. Dignity in the home
  5. Dignity in the school 
  6. Dignity in the church 
  7. Dignity in the workplace

For questions regarding this study, please reach out to Scott Sage

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