Explorer's Study Group

June 1, 2021 6:30pm

Address: Cheyenne Mountain Presbyterian Church, 4450 Westmeadow Dr., Colorado Springs, CO US 80906

Have you ever bought a computer with standard software that needs updates every once in a while?

Have you ever bought a house and went to great lengths to update and remodel your home?

Did you go into a mortgage and at some time re-finance to a lower interest rate or mortgage term?

Did you know God’s covenant does the same thing? In this study we will walk through Covenantal Theology with the help of Jonty Rhodes through his book, “Covenants Made Simple: Understanding God’s Unfolding Promises to His People”. In this 10-week class, we will explore the covenantal structure of God’s Word which unfolds the Redemptive-Historical narrative from Genesis to Revelation. We will explore the pattern of the covenants through the four pillars: People, Paradise, Presence, and King.

Our weekly topics will include:

1. Introduction and Overview of the Covenants

2. The Covenant of Redemption: A Trinitarian Agreement

3. The Covenant of Works: Adam and Covenantal Blessings and Curses

4. The Covenant of Grace: Noah, Common Grace, and Conflict

5. The Covenant of Grace: Moses and Covenantal Obedience

6. The Covenant of Grace: David and Covenant Kingship

7. The Covenant of Grace: Christ and the New Covenant

8. Covenant Salvation

9. God’s Covenant People

10. Living the Covenant Life

This class is for anybody and everybody. Regardless of where you’re coming from in life, this class is for you. God has already laid out His will for us in scripture, revealed through His covenants. Have you ever wondered why God does things in a particular way that baffles our western minds? Come, join us, and explore the God of Holy Scripture!

The book “Covenants Made Simple” can be purchased for those who want to read through it along with this course. Purchase is not necessary to participate.

Come and join us in getting to know God’s Covenants. And…bring a friend! Bob Ross says “everyone needs a friend”.

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