Ministry to Men

Band of Brothers (BoB) is a men's Bible study that meets each Saturday morning at the church from 7:00 - 8:30 am to pray and encourage one another. 

This study takes place in church member,
 Ben Garcia's backyard for the summer months, beginning on June 12. We will park in the driveway or at the curb, and WILL NOT go to Ben's front door, but will walk around the north side of the house to the Gazebo in the back.

Address: 4130 Broadmoor Bluffs Dr. 80906 

  1. Church and State will be our focus for 4 weeks beginning the 12th of June.
    • We will use "What Is the Relationship between Church and State?" (RC Sproul Volume 19 of his Crucial Questions booklets) to examine the relationship by looking at the nature and mission of government, how Christians should view and relate to their governments, the legitimacy of state-established churches, how to deal with abuses of power, and the legitimacy of civil disobedience.
    • You can get this free, or a paperback for $1 at -
  2. After Church and State for 4 weeks, we will then begin to study the book of Mark for the remainder of the summer and into the fall.

Check back here for updates on various activities or contact the CMPCA office with any questions.

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